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Childminder Start-up Grant

The intention of start-up grants is to help increase the number of registered childminders. It is funded by Central Government and the Bedfordshire Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership. The grant is mainly to promote childminding in areas where there is difficulty attracting childminders, so new minders in areas where there is no demand for new childminders are less likely to get a grant. Existing childminders who wish to provide an additional service, for example caring for children with disabilities are also eligible for a grant.

This year the Government has provided additional funding for new childminders living in wards of disadvantage. The identified wards in Bedfordshire are: Cauldwell, Kingsbrook and Queens Park in Bedford and Central Ward in Houghton Regis.

Grants will normally be paid to childminders when the Children Act Registration process is complete and on production of receipts. You may like to retain copies of your receipts.

The grant could cover:

It is anticipated that the average grant funding will be 300 per childminder.

Application will be considered by the Childcare Sub Group on behalf of the Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership. The criteria for a successful bid are:

For further information please contact:
Ayer Djengiz - Project Manager Bedfordshire
Tel 01234 340241


There are many things you could purchase with your start-up grant. You may like to look at our bookshop page, through which you can buy a range of information, children's and multicultural books.


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