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Illegal Childcarers

A childminder is defined as a person, who looks after one or more children under the age of eight years of age, to whom they are not related, on domestic premises for reward, and for a total of more than two hours in any day and is registered. Those who are not registered are illegal childcarers who are breaking the law.

Registered childminders are inspected by Ofsted, their homes inspected for safety and police and health checks are carried out. Illegal, ie non registered childcarers have none of these safety precautions taken. These unregistered persons are very unlikely to have public liability insurance, (most childminders have between 2 & 5 Million pounds of cover), have had training or offer emergency cover. They are often guilty of defrauding the tax office and may find the illegal minding renders their house insurance and car insurance invalid. By far the most import consideration is they may be putting the children they care for at risk.

Registered childminders will have a registration certificate and a public liability insurance certificate. Before you leave your children with someone providing childcare please make sure you see these. Registered childminders will not mind you asking.

If a parent or member of the community suspects someone of operating illegally in Bedfordshireyou can check with the CIS on Tel: 01234-228229. If they are not listed with the CIS report the person involved to Ofsted, on 0300 123 4666 who can also let you know if childminders are registerd in other areas.

Registered Childminders are professionals and will provide your children with a loving, caring and safe environment in which to play, learn and develop. Illegal childcarers give the term childminding a bad ‘press’.


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